Two people were hospitalized last night when a motorcycle was apparently struck by an SUV. One man who saw the SUV leaving the scene tells us he and others "chased down the SUV driver a few blocks away on manhattan and Boerum...he DEFINITELY fled and knew he hit the bikers."

Police say that around 11:25 p.m. last night at the intersection of Graham Avenue and Boerum, the motorcyclist was struck by an SUV. The rider, as well as a second person (unclear if the person was on the bike), were injured and taken to Kings County Hospital and Bellevue. NBC New York described the rider as being "critically injured" and "not expected to survive."

The witness told us that the SUV was a black Chevy with NY plates, "[The] front grill is all mashed up... We got him surrounded and he pulled over - another generous soul got his plates, but he then took off."

He added, "The mother of one injured came over crying inconsolably to see if we got the plates and to thank us. Most horrible feeling in the world, hope this bastard gets caught."