The Times reports that police are not searching for further suspects in the Annie Le murder case, but no obvious motive has emerged. They quote the New Haven police chief as saying, "We may never know the exact motive," and that all theories were "speculation." There has been no indication of any romantic interest. He characterized the murder simply as "workplace violence." The case against Raymond Clark III is looking very strong, as Gothamist reported earlier, including DNA, text messages, and the fact that so few people had access to the research building where Le's body was found.

Clark was also reportedly playing shortstop for his softball team on Sunday, the day her body was found, without any evident unease or emotion. He was apparently being shadowed by detectives at the time, as New Haven detectives thought he was actually a "pretty good" player. The Daily News also reports that he frequently wears a David Wright jersey.

In other news on this story, Annie Le's body returned home late last night for a private funeral service in California.