2005_11_bathtub.jpgA one year-old baby died when his mother left him in a bathtub with his 3 year-old brother on Sunday night. The mother, Tracina Vaughn, was held in the baby's death, and told police that she only stepped away from the tub for a moment, but later realized 16 month-old Dahquay was unconscious. Vaughn had pleaded guilty in endangering her 3 year-old son Tramel's life, after an incident when Tramel, who was suffering from diarrhea, was held in scalding water by a boyfriend. The police say that Vaughn initially blamed Dahquay's drowning on Tramel.

Vaughn's cousin, Latisha Bond, who raised Dahquay from infancy, blamed the Administration for Children's Services for returning Dahquay and his older brother back to Vaughn. The Daily News says that while the ACS did not comment about whether or not Vaughn was monitored, the NYPD said the ACS had an active file on her, which may touch off a firestorm about their work.