Almost three years ago, a teenager visiting from Minnesota fell through a 6-8 inch gap at the Woodside Long Island Rail Road station. Natalie Smead (pictured) tried crawling across the tracks and was fatally hit by an oncoming train. Now, Newsday reports that Smead's mother Susan Perry committed suicide: "On April 5, three days before the LIRR and Metropolitan Transportation Authority were to cut a $1.5 million check to settle the family's lawsuit over Smead's death, Perry, 50, killed herself in Minnesota, her family has disclosed." While the incident raised concerns about the huge gaps at many LIRR stations, an NTSB report recently blamed Smead's death on her alcohol level (here's the report PDF), noting she had a 0.23 blood alcohol level and that she failed to listen to instructions to stay still. Family and friends say that after her daughter's death, Perry, who used to run triathlons, became depressed and upset. Her family decided to speak out on Perry's death to "highlight the damage they feel was caused by the NTSB report."