"Everybody in Staten Island needs to know this murderer is on the loose," Theresa Mapes, the mother of slain Brooklyn teacher Simeonette Mapes-Crupi told reporters two weeks after her daughter's grisly stabbing. "We have to work together as a family to try to catch this person."

On July 5th the 29-year-old Mapes-Crupi was discovered by her husband dead in their Staten Island home with knife wounds to her back and head. It was days before the couple's fifth anniversary. Since then, however, the police have yet to name a suspect—though the victim's husband, Jonathan Crupi, has lawyered up (before finding her body he says he had been at the Brooklyn school where both of them worked).

Mapes-Crupi's parents are understandably distraught: "I remember my daughter's laughter and her smile,"her father, John Mapes told NBC, choking back tears. But it is her mother Theresa who is really angry, telling the woman's killer: "I will find you, I will get you, you will pay. It's not going to bring my daughter back, but she will know that her mother will not leave any stone unturned until I get you."