Daniel St. Hubert, the man charged with fatally stabbing a six-year-old boy and wounding a seven-year-old girl, is at Bellevue Hospital. His sister says he's "spaced out" at the hospital, and his mother Marie Bauzile told the Daily News, "If he’s sick, it’s not his fault."

On Sunday, June 1, just before 6 p.m., police say St. Hubert, 27, stabbed Prince Joshua "P.J." Avitto, 6, and Mikayla Capers, 7, in a building elevator at the Boulevard Houses on Schenk Avenue in East New York. Both children, who were headed to get ices, were stabbed repeatedly. P.J. died from his wounds and was mourned at a funeral on Friday while Capers remains in the hospital.

It's also believed that St. Hubert is involved in the fatal May 30th stabbing of 18-year-old Tanaya Grant Copeland, also in East New York, and the June 4th stabbing of a man at the West 18th Street subway station in Manhattan. St. Hubert was found, after a huge police manhunt, in Queens on Thursday, scrawling "$ Killzz I will B" with a smiley face on a stop sign. He was carrying a knife.

St. Hubert was released on parole on May 23—after serving five years for choking his mother. The News reports:

“Jail is not the answer,” Bauzile, 60, told the Daily News from her South Ozone Park, Queens, home on Sunday. “If people have a mental problem, it’s not jail. It’s not the answer.”

St. Hubert, 27, was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia while serving time for trying to strangle Bauzile with an electrical cord in 2009. His sister, Judith Perry, has said he was given no meds or psychiatric referrals when he was released from the upstate Clinton Correctional Facility on May 23...

Bauzile and Perry said St. Hubert did not receive mental health treatment until he tried to strangle a Department of Correction officer in March 2010.

Bauzile also said, "I forgive him for what he did to me because it’s not something he can control."

Perry said that when she spoke to St. Hubert, he denied killing P.J. or stabbing Mikayla. However, the NYPD found DNA at the crime scene that matched St. Hubert's.

A source at Bellevue told the Post, "Any hospital staff that have to deal with him are very nervous around him. They are on high alert... He is extremely hostile and accepts no responsibility for anything." And the source said "that when St. Hubert isn’t lashing out at the staff, he’s lounging around the ward, eating and sleeping 'like he doesn’t have a care in the world.'" The source explained, "All he wants to do is sleep, like it will all go away if he isn’t awake for it. He is like a big baby in a man’s body."