The mother of Imette St. Guillen is speaking out for the first time since bouncer Darryl Littlejohn was convicted of the rape and murder of her daughter earlier this week. 63-year-old Maureen St. Guillen said that despite her gratitude at the jury's decision, she doesn't believe in closure and said that "the wounds are open for life." She says that while she attended almost all of Littlejohn's trial, Mrs. St. Guillen could not bear to come in on days in which the gruesome details of Imette's murder were recounted. She told the News, "I think about Imette every minute of every day. Sometimes you see a person who looks like her. Her hair, her body shape, that long dark straight hair." St. Guillen also shared with the paper that she now always wears a heart locket with Imette's ashes inside; she also travels with an urn that has both the ashes of her daughter mixed with those of her late husband inside.