After the Seattle Marlins' Mariners FLORIDA MARLINS' Greg Dobbs hit a young boy in the face with a line drive foul ball at Citi Field last month, Mets vice president of security Rob Kasdon told reporters the boy was expected to be okay, and that the vast amounts of blood apparently were from a deep cut on the kid's nose. It turns out that diagnosis was rosily optimistic, and the child's recovery has not gone as well as predicted.

Fox 5 reports that Eliezer Shalomoff, a 12-year-old from Long Island, has not been able to return to school since the August 29th injury, which caused severe internal bleeding. He's had to go to the emergency room twice, had two blood transfusions, four CT scans and spent five days in the intensive care unit at the hospital. Because of his severe headaches, doctors drained spinal fluid, and a neurosurgeon will soon decide if more surgery is needed.

Eliezer's mother, Valerie, says Dobbs visited her son in the hospital, gave him his glove from the game and a signed bat, and has called several times to check on his condition. But while she's touched by his concern, she says the Citi Field officials need to implement better safeguards to make sure this doesn't happen again. "If there was some kind of child safety area in Citi Field," Shalomoff tells Fox 5, that would be an improvement. But she says she'd never go back to the stadium, and her son's not sure if he'd go back to another game either, saying, "It depends on where the seats are."