Carmen Ojeda, who claims a police officer blocked her from going to the hospital when her daughter was suffering from an asthma attack in her back seat, wants the officer responsible to come forward and apologize for his actions. "Show your face and say you're sorry!" she told the Daily News. "I just want you to be a man. Let her rest in peace!"

Ojeda claims her daughter began suffering an asthma attack at a playground in Carroll Gardens on Friday afternoon. After finding her asthma medication wasn't working, Ojeda jumped in her car and began driving Briana to the hospital. She turned down Henry Street to avoid traffic, but found she was going the wrong way and sideswiped a parked car.

Ojeda says the "man in uniform" emerged from a police car and refused to let her continue. She also claims he was rude when he told her he didn't know CPR. She told NY1, "He smirked at me when I asked him for help it wasn't like 'Oh I'm sorry I can't help you' it was like 'I don't know CPR' like a jerk, like a jerk." However, according to the Post, Briana was "still breathing" in the backseat.

Neither Ojeda nor other witnesses have been able to identify any officers from the local 76th Precinct as the man responsible, but when officials tried to tell Ojeda it could have been a traffic agent or an auxiliary cop, she said, "Bullcrap. I know what a police officer looks like." She also told the Post he was definitely from the 76th Precinct because "it was right on the side of the car." Father Michael Ojeda said he has a police scanner, and heard the cop misrepresent what happened when he spoke to the other officers.

Deputy NYPD Commissioner Paul Browne said, eputy NYPD Commissioner Paul Browne said, "None of the witnesses could recall a name tag, badge number or whether the individual had a gun belt. Typically, uniformed NYPD officers are in pairs. This individual was alone." He also insisted that all NYPD officers know CPR.