Check out this sweet pedestrian bridge that will someday connect Brooklyn Bridge Park to the somewhat-recently renovated sunken Squibb Park in Brooklyn Heights! It may cost city taxpayers upwards of $5 million, but as you can see, it's worth it—as Popular Mechanics reports, the 120-foot bridge will artfully bypass the buildings between the two parks, zigzagging "gracefully through a clutch of tall oaks... and over a street, descending 30 feet in elevation from its starting point to its endpoint in Brooklyn Bridge Park." They should sell tickets to this thing! But one question looms: will it have a bike path?

Unclear, but park president Regina Myer declares, "It's a thing of beauty in itself and it provides important connectivity to Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is now somewhat isolated because of the barrier formed by the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway." The primary construction material will be black locust, which is extremely rot-resistant, durable and sustainable. Designed by Ted Zoli, a MacArthur genius award-winner, the choice of wood also nods to the design of Brooklyn Bridge Park, which uses the wood for sign posts. Read more about it on Popular Mechanics to stock up on fun facts for your romantic moonlit strolls on the bridge, expected to open summer 2012. [Via Curbed]