It's been nearly two months since Manhattan ad executive Jennifer Rosoff plummeted to her death from her 17th-story balcony; yesterday, her mother filed a lawsuit against the building's owners and management company, citing them for negligence.

In July, 35-year-old Rosoff was enjoying a nightcap with a man she was on a first date with at her apartment at 400 East 57th Street. But when she leaned against (or sat on, according to conflicting reports) the balcony's railing, it gave way and she fell with it, landing on scaffolding nearly 17 stories below.

Now Rosoff's mother, Eugenie Rosoff, is suing the building for "failing to adequately inspect the balcony," as well as for using balcony railings that were unable to support Rosoff's weight. And she might have a good case; investigators later found that the 70-year-old balcony was not up-to-code, having been installed without rivets. The city's Department of Buildings also noted that the building was six months behind in filing a facade report, which is punishable by up to a $1,500 fine.

Property manager Stonehenge Management LLC and building owner SL Green Realty were both named as defendants in the suit; Rosoff is also alleging her daughter suffered "pain, shock and mental anguish" in the moments leading up to her death.

Rosoff was an executive at ad agency TripleLift; she was widely mourned by friends and family members in the aftermath of death. "Although it was taken in a flash, during her 35 years she had proven to be the most remarkable daughter, who made her parents more than proud," her mother said at her funeral last month.