The mother of the 14-year-old boy who allegedly fatally stabbed his 14-year-old classmate outside a Bronx school on Wednesday spoke to the Daily News about the tragic incident. Maria Estevez, who has been at Rikers since a drug bust earlier this month, talked about her son Noel Estevez: "He wouldn’t just do this,” she told them. "He was protecting himself. I saw him on the news. I saw his face."

Estevez, 52, was arrested the day that her son was getting out of Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center after he attempted to commit suicide, allegedly because of the constant bullying by classmate and victim Timothy Crump. Noel was diagnosed with depression, bipolar disorder and cyclothymia while in the hospital.

Noel and Timothy had been best friends up until an incident when Timothy lent Noel a iPhone he had stolen. "I was mad,” Estevez recounted, saying she smashed the phone and threw it away. "I said, 'You steal a phone and you bring it into my house?' I told Noel what he did was still wrong." After that, Noel was tormented by Crump and his friends, who made fun of his speech impediment, called his mother a whore, and urinated repeatedly on his apartment door.

Estevez says she saw this coming: "Timothy had it out for him," she said. "So they turned against him. They made fun of his stutter, picked on everything about him ... [Noel] was saying, 'They’ll kill me!'"

"He’d say, ‘Ma, it’s them or me,'" she added. "If he did this, it had to be a situation of either him or them."

Mayor de Blasio is now calling for an investigation into whether the stabbing could have been prevented. Noel's parents say they went to school officials to get Noel transferred to another school, but were rebuffed. "There was a history of bullying by the deceased and friends of his," said defense attorney Eric Poulos. "My client and his mother sought various ways, through the school system, through the police department, to stop this. No one would help."

Noel missed months of school because he was afraid of his bullies. Poulos added that school officials had tried to track down Timothy but, "they couldn't find him because he stayed behind closed doors. He came out of closed doors and they sicced on him." It later turned out that Timothy had been staying in a homeless shelter; ABC 7 reported that he had been expelled from school in December for punching another student, but was often seen hanging out near the building.