2006_10_hitrunmarine.jpgIt turns out the victims of a weekend hit-and-run are mother and daughter. Fifty-five year old Jane Felzin was killed when a red Kia hit her as she crossed Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn; her daughter Emily, 25, is in critical condition at Kings County Hospital. The accident occured before midnight on Saturday, and the Felzins were walking home after parking their car nearby. A neigbhor said, "I heard screeching and then a bang. It sounded like two cars hitting. [Jane Felzin] was thrown about 50 feet." Another said the car had been going 80 mph, and skids marks are still visible on the street.

The police found the car abandoned nearby, with a badly damaged windshield. The car's owner said her boyfriend had been driving the car. According to the Post, no arrests have been made yet.