It's good to know that no matter how much of a scumbag you are, good things can always happen to you if you marry rich. Convicted killer Brandon Palladino, who admitted to killing his wife's mother after she caught him stealing her jewelry and is currently serving time, will be inheriting about a quarter of a million dollars from his victim. The victim's sister told the Post, "It's an outrage. He can't have that money—it's just not right. It's ludicrous."

Palladino murdered Dianne Edwards in 2008, and made a deal to do 25 years minus time served in jail. Edwards' will left her $431,000 fortune to her only daughter, Palladino's wife, and when she died in in February she bequeathed what was left to him. But the victim's sister, Deanna Larsen, says Edwards' daughter should never have gotten the money in the first place. "She gave him the key to my sister's house, and then they later went there together before the police were called. She was part of the cover-up and even pawned some of my sister's jewelry. It's a slap in the face." She also says she will ask Suffolk Supreme Court Justice Robert Doyle undo the plea-bargain deal he made with Palladino unless he agrees to give up the money.

It's unclear what Palladino will do with the money once he gets out in about 20 years, but he and his wife reportedly went on a cruise with some of the inheritance before cops arrested him. The Post also notes that he's a heroin addict. Remember to take care of your veins!