2007_01_bxmom.jpgThe story about the Bronx woman who claimed at first that her baby had been kidnapped as gunpoint but later revealed the baby died in her care was charged with murder yesterday as police learned more details. Lucia Rojas confessed to suffocating and dumping her 2 week old son - because she had gotten pregnant when she was raped in Mexico.

The baby was born prematurely on December 17; on December 31, Rojas took him home, but smothered him on a city bus to Jackson Heights where her parents live. She told the police that "Now the baby will sleep forever." Rojas then dumped the body in a trash can on 98th Street and Northern Boulevard. Police are searching Pennsylvania landfills for the baby's body.

Rojas's husband, Carlos Vidal, knew of the rape and told the Daily News that the rapist had "threatened to kill the couple's 3 year old daughter." Additionally, they had planned to put the baby up for adoption. However, police aren't sure whether they can believe Rojas, since she has changed her story so many times. The NY Times reports that relatives didn't know that Rojas was pregnant, but neighbors said they noticed she was pregnant.

Queens DA Richard Brown said, "The defendant's alleged suffocation of her innocent and helpless child was both heartless and heartbreaking, particularly when one considers that the child, who had been born prematurely, was given the best medical care in the world in order to have the opportunity of a full and rewarding life."