2006_10_7710162.jpgA Queens woman and her 19 year old son were attacked by a man who had been staying in their house. The NY Times reports that 19 year old David Higgins was stabbed in the torso, leg and neck while his mother Verne Culberson was beaten on the head with a baseball bat. The Post says that the 20-something attacker had been a house guest at 77-10 162nd Street for many months - until a few weeks ago when he was accused of stealing from the house. Police believe the attack was out of revenge.

Neighbors were called over when they heard Culberson's cries. A nearby deli employee told the Times that the attacker stopped in for some napkins.

“He got the napkins and was cleaning his left hand,” said [Express Deli employee Pascal] Joseph. “There was a lot of blood on his hands.”

Mr. Joseph said the cashier asked the man what had happened. The man said that he had been in a fight with two children who tried to attack him, and that when he tried to pull the knife away from them, he was stabbed. Mr. Joseph said that after the man left the store, the police came in, looking for him.

Police are still looking for the man. Mother and son are both recovering at New York hospital Medical Center of Queens.