A 33-year-old Yonkers woman was charged with murder Tuesday after allegedly throwing her newborn baby girl out of the window of her boyfriend's 7th floor apartment in the Bronx. Now Westchester County prosecutors say they are investigating a 2008 death of a baby born to the same woman.

According to the Times, mother Jennifer Berry had a boy who died in March 2008 when he was just over 2 weeks old. The medical examiner ruled at the time that the cause of the death was sudden infant death syndrome.

Westchester DA's spokesman Lucian Chalfen told LoHud, "In light of what has transpired, we will be reviewing that death again." Chalfen added that the 2008 baby had been taken to the hospital on one occasion before he was found dead in a bassinet at home.

Berry, a former child services worker who was once briefly employed by the New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS), was arrested Tuesday and charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter in the death of the baby on Monday.

Police allege that she concealed her pregnancy from friends and family, telling her boyfriend of about a year that she'd had an abortion—authorities say she confessed to giving birth to the baby in the shower, then threw her out the window sometime later.

The infant still had her umbilical cord attached when her body was discovered. She died of blunt force trauma injuries during the impact of the fall. "There was air in the lungs. This was a healthy baby girl," Assistant District Attorney Georgia Barker said in court yesterday.