The moisture from Tropical Storm Lee left 5.33 inches of rain on Central Park and a lot more rain upstate. Over eight inches of rain was measured in the Orange County towns of Warwick and Montgomery. Further north and west there is extensive flooding in the towns and cities along the Susquehanna and Chenango Rivers. There's also significant flooding in New Jersey and Pennsylvania as well. Luckily we will see a generally dry day today with a high in the low 80s. If it gets a bit breezy this afternoon that's because Hurricane Katia is sucking in air from far away as she turns eastward into the Atlantic.

Discombobulated might be a good word to describe this weekend's weather. While the moisture from Lee passed by this week, the much-weakened energy from the storm has been hanging out over the Midwest as a cut-off low. Zombie Tropical Storm Lee will move eastward this weekend and eventually get absorbed into the general flow of the jet stream. That will give us a slight chance of showers or thunderstorms from tonight through Sunday. Saturday's high should reach the low 80s, but a cold front tomorrow night will keep Sunday in the mid 70s.

Have you noticed something missing in our weather lately? It hasn't reached 90 degrees in more than a month! The temperature might rebound early next week but it looks like the hot weather is over for the year. Monday and Tuesday should be sunny with highs around 80 degrees. Sometime next week we'll need to keep an eye on the currenty disorganized Tropical Storm Maria.