After scraping Bermuda yesterday, hurricane Igor is pretty much directly east of the city today. Way to the east, thanks to a dome of high pressure slinking southward from the Great Lakes. About all Igor is doing for the area is churning up nasty rip currents and beach erosion along the coast. Unless you are in the water, the bigger concern today is the threat of brush fires from the low humidity and high winds. The high will be in the mid 70s but the temperature will plummet as the winds die down after sunset. Look for a low in the mid 50s in the city and 40s in the 'burbs.

Beyond today it is looking like a mostly quiet week. The big high pressure system will still be centered west of the city tomorrow, bringing us sunny skies and a high again in the mid 70s. Once the high moves eastward the winds around it will start coming out of the south. That will warm Wednesday, the last full day of summer, to at least the mid 80s. Don't hold your breath but maybe we'll get the 38th 90-degree day of the year!

Some sort of weak cold front thingie is expected to pass through the city Wednesday night. At this time there doesn't appear that there will be much moisture associated with the front so there's only a slight chance of showers. Several days of warm, pleasant weather should follow.