A real summer-like day is in the cards for today. Look for sunny skies and a high in the mid 80s. Pretty good if you're driving out of town. Humidity will build through the afternoon. Combine the humidity, heat and sun with a temperature inversion and you've got a recipe for high ozone levels. An air quality alert is in effect from 11 this morning until after midnight. Tree pollen counts, mainly from pine and oak, will be high through the weekend.

A weak frontal passage will cool tomorrow to the mid 70s, and bring lots of clouds and a slight chance of showers or a thunderstorm. A stronger, slower moving front on Sunday promises another cloudy day in the mid 70s but with an even better chance of showers or thunderstorms.

Memorial Day is expected to be sunny and mild as high pressure arrives behind the cold front. We'll be away from the computer on Monday, so if you really need the f**king forecast you can always check the NSFW f**king weather.