Not that we'd want to be on any most wanted lists, but those crazy anti-smoking fascists in City Hall have come up with a new list that we really wouldn't want to be on: The Most Wanted Smokers List.

It lists people who tried to get around city and state tobacco taxes by buying their smokes online from various websites. Only problem was the city got a hold of their names and purchases histories and is now going after the buyers for back taxes. Specifically, they're billing them $1.50 per pack plus and added penalty of $100 per carton. Which adds up, especially for the top 8 smokers who each owe more than $20,000!

The number one most wanted smoker, Thomas Faernstrom, for instance, is accused of buying 377 untaxed cartons since July 2002. If the city gets a hold of him, those cigarettes are going to cost him a total of $43,355 ($5,655 in taxes and $37,700 in penalties). Those are some expensive cancer sticks.

Obviously a lot of this is scare tactics and posturing, but if it's working and you want to come clean about your illegal smokes you can by calling the city's finance department at (718) 403-4300.