A few weeks ago, the Staten Island Advance ran a front page story about the borough's "most wanted" fugitives. Now, one of them has turned himself in—because his mug shot was on the front page. Travis Jones, accused of shooting "another man over the score of a basketball game in Rosebank" (a game Jones wasn't even playing in!) was arraigned on attempted murder and other charges after surrendering at Staten Island DA Daniel Donovan's office.

The Advance spoke to shooting victim Carleak Gibbons about what happened. Gibbons explained, "He [Jones] was supposedly keeping the score, and he wasn't keeping the score right." Hence an argument and then Jones allegedly returned to the playground with a gun, firing multiple times. Gibbons, who was shot in the stomach, said, "He shot me because of some dumbness. Little kid -- he didn't know what he's doing." Gibbons added, "I'm good. I'm a strong individual. I take care of myself. I healed up," and said of Jones' surrender, "That don't stop my day. Let justice do what it do. ... I have no beef. I forgave."

Jones' lawyer pointed out, "The minute his picture hit the paper... he voluntarily surrendered like a gentleman," but prosecutors noted that he'd been avoiding authorities for nearly three years. Jones' bail is $250,000.