This is Robert D. Sand. He was arrested last year by federal authorities, after he fled to Asia to avoid paying over $1 million in child support. And Uncle Sam does not like it when parents shirk on child support—Sand was sentenced to two years in prison.

Sand, 50, had run a successful car auction business on Long Island, making $500,000-600,000 a year. In 1995, he was ordered to pay his ex-wife Lisa Sand $750 a week (later raised to $995) for child support for their two daughters. However, he stopped paying them after two years. The NY Times reports, "Mr. Sand married another woman and moved to Florida in 1997, but that couple, after having one child, also divorced, leaving Mr. Sand with an additional obligation of $625 per week in child support. As his debts accumulated, in 2000 the Nassau County Family Court issued a warrant for his arrest, and he fled the country soon afterward. A federal arrest warrant was issued in 2002."

Sand was spotted in Thailand and was eventually caught when he entered Thailand without identification. He pleaded guilty to the charges earlier this year.

His exes wanted Sand to start working immediately to pay off the debt—Sand's lawyer had said in February, "Mr. Sand wants to do the appropriate thing to set things right, and he's taken the first step in doing just that. Mr. Sand is a capable person, and given the opportunity to work, I am confident he will obtain good employment and pay off his debt" and Lisa Sand said, "What he did was horrendous.... But I need the money now."

However, the judge refused and opted to send him to jail first, because he wanted to send a message to other deadbeat parents: "This is a horrendous crime. I have to send a message of deterrence."