Before last week, Mayor Bloomberg could pretty much do no wrong. Sure, he wasn't exactly Republican or Democrat, but the city was running and that's all that mattered. But now, after the Queens blackout, he's in the crapper with Queens residents, business owners, politicians - and many other New Yorkers who are wondering why the mayor couldn't get a grip on the crisis. The Daily News, . And the Mayor's continuous defense of Con Ed and its CEO Kevin Burke, earned him a "Say Watt?" cover on the Daily News and has been driving everyone else crazy. Mayor Bloomberg said, "I think Kevin Burke deserves a thanks from this city. He's worked as hard as he can every single day since then, as has everybody at Con Ed." Yes, but has he worked as hard as someone without power? Put him in a Queens home for 8 days, some of those days in 95 degree heat, and have him do his job that way. But we do feel for the Con Ed workers, who are getting harrassed by frustrated Queens residents - they are just doing what they are told, hopefully they are bearing with it.

About 1,000 customers are still without power. According to the NY Times, it turns out that Con Ed decided to keep the power on in Queens, instead of shutting it down and causing a wider blackout (which would have affected more people, but would have been shorter). The Daily News wants to "put Con Ed under the lights," which it will be once there's a chance for officials to examine what happened.

Here's the city's update on the blackout so far. And did you see WCBS's Town Hall: What Went Wrong (link) last night? It was interesting and great that Queens residents got to ask officials questions, but the production was a little haphazard.

Photograph by jasoneppink on Flickr