It doesn't bode well for the city's youth that the majority of its teachers-in-training can't pass a basic literacy test.

The Post writes today that a depressingly low percentage of college students training to be teachers passed the Academic Literacy Skills exam, required for the first time by the Board of Regents.

Of the 13 students who attempted it, not one student at Boricua College in the Bronx managed to pass the test. Twenty-nine percent passed at York College in Queens, 41 percent at CUNY’s College of Technology in Brooklyn, 47 percent at Lehman College in the Bronx, 51 percent at City College, 54 percent at Brooklyn College and 55 percent at the College of Staten Island.

CUNY administrators appeared adequately disgusted by the abysmal pass rate. “We are not satisfied with these results, and we are working closely with our college presidents, education deans and others to ensure we do all we can to produce the quality teachers the city requires and deserves,” CUNY Chancellor James Milliken told the tabloid.

Statewide, the average pass rate was 68 percent. Students are allowed to retake the test once they've paid a fee.