Even if elected officials don't necessarily agree, New Yorkers really seem to support the idea of paid sick days for all New York businesses big and small. According to the latest Quinnipiac poll, the idea that workers deserve to be compensated while incapacitated is supported 73-20 in the general population, with 81 percent of Democrats in favor of the idea and 79 percent of women feeling it. Which may well be an issue for City Council Speaker Christine Quinn in her run for mayor next year—as she has come out strongly against the idea as has her mentor, Mayor Bloomberg.

"Public support for paid sick days is broad and especially strong among Democrats and women," noted pollster Celinda Lake regarding the new data. "Those voters have a hard time understanding or relating to Speaker Quinn's opposition on this issue." In other words, expect to hear Quinn's opponents bring this one up as the 2013 Democratic primaries get closer.

The issue of paid sick time for business in NYC has been bubbling for some time now, with opponents arguing that such a law would cost the city millions (last time it went up before the City Council the plan would have required businesses smaller than 20 employees to offer five paid sick days and those bigger to offer nine days). Not that New Yorkers necessarily think the plan would actually hurt business. In the same poll from today only 37 percent of voters thought such a bill would result in less hiring—54 percent disagreed.

Another argument in favor of paid sick days? When you think about the number of restaurant workers who admit to going to work while suffering from vomiting or diarrhea at least twice in a year—one in eight!—the idea suddenly seems like the kind of health issue our Nanny Mayor would actually be pushing for.