[Update Below] After waiting for ages, the MTA today opened up the fabled Broadway-Lafayette/Bleecker Street Uptown 6 transfer. And while pulling off the covers from the signage (which has been up for months), workers simultaneously revealed a slight problem with their spelling of "Downtown."

Now this is hardly the first typo the MTA has let slip by (here are some of our favorites) and it isn't even the first time they've had trouble with this station (remember this signage) but it is kind of embarrassing. If they wanted to have an homage to the everyone's favorite current British upstairs/downstairs drama the correct spelling would have been "Downton."

Luckily the MTA is taking the error in stride: "Ever since Dow Jones moved to Midtown, the old spelling no longer works," a rep joked to us this afternoon before assuring us that they'd fix it. "And if something had to go wrong with our new connection, I’m glad it was just an easily replaceable sign," he added.

Update: At 2:45 p.m. an MTA rep wrote in to tell us that the sign has already been replaced. "We noticed it and fixed it." Uh, fastest MTA fix ever?