Animal New York takes issue with Matthew Long, the firefighter hospitalized for almost six months after being injured during the transit strike and finally went home with much fanfare last week. Long was injured while biking to his stationhouse and a private bus (chartered by Bear Stearns for its employees) hit him; he is now suing the Transport Workers Union as well as Bear Stearns, and the van company. Animal New York says Long should be "discussing just how dangerous the streets of NYC are when it comes to cycling" instead, noting that Long admitted he doesn't usually bike in the city. Animal New York has photographs of the road where Long was hit - a stretch of East 52nd Street riddled with potholes. Hmm, maybe Long will have a case against the City of New York and the Department of Transportation as well?

Here are cycling maps of the city from Transportation Alternatives. And something Gothamist didn't realize until later is that Long's father is Michael Long, the head of the NY State Conservative Party. (Room 8 pointed out a political connection between Matthew Long's case and a bill a Westchester politician proposed.)

Photograph from Animal New York