Dude, the Manhattan Supreme Court Website got so pwn'd yesterday! Someone out there in computerland is mighty pissed about a recent court decision that forced Google to reveal the identity of a blogger who wrote bad things about former model Liskula Cohen.

So yesterday visitors (all three of them) to the Manhattan Supreme Court website got quite a surprise when they used Google to search for "SCROLL," the court’s case-search page. Instead of getting the SCROLL, they were linked to a PDF of the infamous "Skanks in NYC" lawsuit! Suck on that, Supreme Court!

The Post reports that the hack occurred when the court site is searched through Google, not other search engines. To be honest, we're not even really sure exactly what happened here, but apparently a hack did totally occur, and the court got sent a message. Those judges better tread softly in the future, or their precious website's gonna get a Goatse next.