A seemingly unprovoked fight broke out at a Staten Island mosque yesterday morning, resulting in off-duty NYPD officer Lt. Sherif Nassef getting socked in the nose. Sherif and his father, Nabil, had just knelt to begin prayer at the Noor Al-Islam Center when another worshiper began pushing Nabil from behind. Sherif intervened, saying, "Why are you pushing my father? Calm down." The worshiper then turned his fists on Sherif.

Nabil said, "He punched my son in the face. My son was bleeding from the nose." The violent man then ran from the mosque, and hasn't yet been caught. However, Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne insists, "This is not related to 9/11 tensions or mosque tensions. It has nothing to do with him being a cop." Sherif reportedly refused medical treatment.