2008_10_greenjets.jpgThe Jets fan who spent $400,000 for the personal seat licenses to two seats at the 50-yard line at the new Meadowlands revealed himself to the Post, saying, "It's a function of wanting the best, both as a lifelong fan and as a business investment." David Findel, who has a mortgage lending company, will also need to spend another $14,000 a year on the seats themselves--"which come with a private VIP entrance, parking, a full spread of food and drink at a swanky restaurant and access to the field during the game." And Findel might not ever use the seats himself--he says he got them for his two kids. He also gave a shout out to the housing crisis, "Although part of the mortgage business is in turmoil, this is an opportunity to invest in my business - and to further demonstrate our loyalty to the New York Jets."