pelham123sunset.jpgThere's still a chance of a shower, possibly with heavy rainfall, this morning, but that chance should be gone by early afternoon. The extreme humidity will disappear soon thereafter as the low pressure system bringing the rain moves east of the city, pulling drier air along behind it. The blob of hot air that has brought 12 straight days of 100+ degree weather to Dallas has moved east and will skirt just south of the city this week. If you want hot, Philadelphia will be in the mid 90s today.

But enough with those lesser cities. After the rain clears out the Big Apple should see partly sunny skies and a high in the mid 80s. A couple of upper level disturbances may bring periods of rain through Friday evening, possibly even into Saturday. Most likely the disturbances will just cause cloudy skies tomorrow afternoon and Friday afternoon, but there will be a chance of scattered showers each day. Highs Thursday and Friday will be in the mid 80s.

While showers may linger into Saturday, overall the weekend is currently looking very nice. Highs Saturday and Sunday will be in the low 80s. Saturday will most likely be partly sunny and an even sunnier Sunday is expected.

Sunset photo by pelhamonetwothree on Flickr