2005_12_health_hangover.jpgIf you’re anything like us, you’re wishing you passed on that 5th cocktail at the office holiday party last night. And if you’re anything like us, you’ve tried everything from drinking a cold morning beer to rediscovering religion in hopes of getting rid of the nasty hangover that throbbed with every ringing Salvation Army bell you heard on the way to work today. But an unfortunate article in the British Medical Journal suggests that no anti-hangover remedies actually work. Numerous studies over the years comparing prescription meds, simple sugars, and different foods have found no benefit. The only known way to lessen the symptoms of a hangover is drinking fewer drinks. Neeext.

Some Asian friends of ours who turn red as beets when they drink (some Asians lack a key enzyme in alcohol degradation leading to skin flushing) swear by Pepcid. Apparently, the pill (a type of anti-histamine known as an H2 blocker) helps prevent the discoloration when taken before imbibing.

What do you do to ease the post party pains?