Just a few steps away from those beacons of commercialism, the Time-Warner Center, is a modest 3-story, kind of ugly building that houses the Mormon Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) in New York. The church has finished a renovation project and is opening their doors this Saturday for the curious. While this is probably an effort by the church to spread the word, Gothamist knows that the visitors will be made up New Yorkers wanting some design tips. Newsday described the temple as having some rooms with "subdued lighting and original murals of woodland scenes" and others with "sunburst-design stained glass windows and gilt-trimmed white decor."


Gothamist has always been impressed with the furniture at the Mormon church, which is a marked contrast to the hard, wooden pews we've had to sit in. It reminds us of the fancy furniture that various celebrities have in their living rooms but never actually sit in because they gots the pool room, the family room, the media room, the Boom-Boom room and whatever else we've seen on Cribs.

More information about the new temple from the Mormon Church. And the event gives the Daily News to run this headline: Saints come marchin' in. And semi-related, there's an article in the Times about the Brown family, five Mormon siblings who have attended Juilliard. Gothamist found it interesting that a Mormon apostle allowed Gregory Brown's musical touring to substitute for a mission (at 19, Mormon men are expected to go on 2-year "proselytizing missions"); we remember when NBA player Shawn Bradley went on a mission before entering the NBA. Finally, there was a South Park episode about Mormons; it has a very special place in greg.org's heart.