When David Letterman announced that he was being extorted for $2 million on the Late Show, he had a special thank you for the Special Prosecution Bureau at the Manhattan DA's office with their help in the case. Now the Post reports that outgoing Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau let Letterman disclose the plot on his talk show!

The Post says that though the Special Prosecution Bureau wanted to announce the arrest earlier, Letterman "insisted he should break the news of the case his own way -- on his own show last Thursday night... The decision landed in the lap of DA Robert Morgenthau -- who signed off on conceding the announcement to the comic. It meant a one-day delay for [extortion suspect Robert] Halderman's arraignment for attempted grand larceny." That's real star power!

And for some more about Letterman, former 48 Hours news producer Halderman, and the strange case, the Observer has a good look at it and the culture of working in TV—one source says, "Network news divisions have a high tolerance for assholes. They can be incredibly useful. But also creepy. And everyone knows exactly who they are."