Wow, it may take a year and a half, but sometimes those publicity-magnetizing City Council proposed bills actually can get passed. A year and a half ago, Gothamist was intrigued by a proposed plan to make sure new construction and renovations as places like bars, theaters and stadiums would have more women's bathrooms. And now, it seems that the City Council and Mayor's office have agreed on a potty parity bill. Now, new buildings and renovated ones that are meant to accomodate more than 150 people will need to have twice as many bathroom stalls for women than men; the NY Post points out that the "number of urinals in a men's room has no effect on the situation in the ladies' room." Interesting facts from the Post's coverage: (1) The bill took so long (heh!) because the Bloomberg administration asked from exemptions at schools and hospitals; and (2) the Buildings Commissioner can grant exemptions if a building can't "physically comply with the law" and if the rule would produce a "negligible additional benefit." Hmm, Gothamist can sense that some new buildings' contractors will be making a beeline to the Builidings Commissioners for exemptions, but this is great news - we can't wait to see if this actually happens.

The bill will be signed into law on Wednesday.