The recession is making the adult entertainment industry increasingly competitive, and many employers in the field say they're flooded with applications from college-educated women who, until recently, held down white-collar jobs. Gus Poulos, the manager of Sin City gentleman's club in midtown, recently received 85 responses to a Craigslist job posting in just one day; he tells the AP, "You're seeing a lot more beautiful women who are eligible to do so many other things." A spokesperson for Rick's Caberet notes that 20 to 30 women a week are applying for jobs at the New York club, twice as many as last year's average. And Rebecca Brown, a new stripper in Chicago, says she earns more in one night than she used to make in a week as a trainer and bartender. The new job just took a little getting used to: "It is like giving a speech, but instead of imagining everyone naked, you're the one who's naked."