Manhattanites: Think before you make weekend plans to see your friends in Williamsburg. Brooklynites who are L-train dependent: Don't expect to get to the Union Square Whole Foods that easily. The MTA confirms that weekend L-train service between Manhattan and Brooklyn will be shut down for at least seven weekends in 2006 while the agency upgrades signals to get the L ready for the robot trains. The MTA says this signal upgrade is already a year behind schedule, so using our special MTA time-continuum calculator, seven weekends will probably mean more like twelve where people will have to take the G to the F or the G to the 7 to get into Manhattan - or they'll just play "1903 Apartment," a time when the subways didn't exist. But it won't be just the hipsters who lose out: It'll be the store owners who depends on Manhattan hipsters for their weekend sales.

Last week New York magazine trolled the Brooklyn nabes along the L. And Gothamist's L-train stories.