Gerritsen Beach (tcodee)

Allison Robicelli and her husband Matt make sweet treats for numerous food markets, restaurants and stores (their hot cococa is at Bergdorff Goodman, their brownies at Oaxaca Tacos, whoopie pies at Red Hook Lobster Pound, etc.). Their factory, in Zone A Brooklyn, was hit by Hurricane Sandy flooding and there's no power in the building, but they say, "Don’t worry about us right now- let’s help those families who really need it."

Allison, a fifth generation Bay Ridge resident, has been using her Twitter and Facebook to help her friends, family and others in devastated areas in South Brooklyn and Staten Island—especially ones less covered by the media, like Gerritsen Beach and Sheepshead Bay—as well as the responders helping them. She Tweets, "I have an address for people in SI who want to make hot food to distribute: 393 Guyon Avenue. Send zitis, casseroles, soups!" and someone replies, "Can we bring prepared food tomorrow? Big trays of pasta? What is helpful?" (She would be on the ground, but she was hit by a car last month.)

Allison says that clothing is not a big need anymore—it's things like bleach, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, A&D ointment, Advil, Tylenol, batteries, flash lights (see our list). Everything that flood water has touched need to be trashed, so, "Just think what you need every day—go to spend $10 at a pharmacy." If you want to help make food for people working in the relief efforts, make sandwiches (cold is better, since it's hard to keep food hot), buy mini applesauce containers—things to keep people going. To that point, two hours ago, she Facebooked, "Sent over 1000 sandwiches out my door this morning. Now asking for toiletries & cleaning supplies: toothbrushes, toilet paper, feminine products, mouthwash, diapers, sanitizers etc. Get on your bikes, occupy Duane Reade, bring the stuff to my place on 86th and Fort Hamilton Parkway! Hit me on twitter @robicellis"

If you want to volunteer to be on the scene, go to Staten Island—head to New Dorp, Midland Beach. Also, if you have a car, get in touch with Allison (@robicellis)—they need help bringing things over! She also recommends checking Occupy Sandy for places to volunteer and donate.

Other efforts: Check the city's site, NYC Service; more Staten Island suggestions; and donation efforts.