marccooper.jpgDet. Marc Cooper is being accused of and sued for beating a man as he arrested him in another club the month before the Sean Bell shooting. Cooper has already been indicted on reckless endangerment charges related to the four shots he fired out of fifty total in the Bell incident. The latest complaint alleges that Cooper manhandled Michael Blakey and Earnest Ellison as he arrested them for selling marijuana in Queens' Club Amazura in late October 2006. Ellison filed his own suit shortly after his arrest and before the Bell shooting. Blakey's complaint was filed more recently and months after the events that put Marc Cooper and three other cops on the front pages of local papers.

Cooper's lawyer, Paul Martin, declined to comment on the brutality allegations, saying he hadn't seen the lawsuit.

"I will say that in my client's 17 years on the NYPD, he has a clean record - no allegations whatsoever," Martin said. "He is a model police officer."

"I find it questionable and suspicious that now, all of a sudden, people are coming out of the woodwork and filing civil claims, looking for money."

The Daily News recently published an unflattering profile of Cooper's fellow defendant in the Bell case, Michael Oliver. It included details of violent behavior directed at suspects.