It seems like forever already, but Tiki Barber's extra-marital affair—dumping his 8-months-pregnant wife for a 23-year-old former NBC intern—was only revealed two days ago, which means that pulpy droplets of gossip continue to leak out from the broken faucet that is our favorite local newsrags. The Post follows up yesterday's anonymously sourced allegations of dorm-room hookups and gold-digging with brand new anonymously sourced info: namely that wife Ginny Barber was completely shocked and "devastated" by the revelation of the affair and that it had been going on since before she was pregnant with twins. One nameless source explained: "All of this came out of the blue for Ginny. People may say, 'How could she not know?' But she really didn't. Tiki is a guy who travels a lot."

There are also some new tidbits about the ex-Giant showering Johnson with gifts (roses, jewelry and designer clothes), and the wanton obviousness of their affair: Johnson put a picture of Barber's blue Maserati, with the caption "Boyfriends whip," on her Facebook page last Sept. 5th. Barber bought the car in 2003, and a blurb on the Maserati website noted at the time: "Tiki is considered a model athlete, not only for his athletics, but for his clean living lifestyle."

Barber's affair has not only soiled his reputation; it could potentially spell the end of his working relationship with NBC. Barber's $2 million contract with the network is coming close to expiration, and one NBC source told the Post, "he proved to be a disappointment on screen, and he has recently been used less and less. His contract is up for renewal soon, and this is a good excuse to get rid of him."