wxch_fri0630.jpgWill somebody please pick up the needle? If you'll excuse the nearly dead metaphor, the skipping record that the weather has become will continue through tomorrow. Today and tomorrow should be hazy, warm and humid with a chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. Like over the weekend some of those showers could contain heavy downpours -there's lots of water that could be wrung out of the air. Tomorrow might turn out to be a degree or two cooler as a weak and dissipating cold front moves through town.

The weak cold front will be no match for the Bermuda High, which is expected to reassert itself late Tuesday. This movement of the atmosphere's tone arm will bring a sunny and warm Wednesday, with a high in the upper 80s. The Weather Service and Weather Channel are in complete disagreement about Thursday's forecast. The former says chance of showers, high of 77 while the latter says sunny, high of 89. AccuWeather splits the difference. Gothamist reports, you decide!

On Independence Day the weather may find another scratch in the vinyl. Warm, humid conditions with showers in the afternoon are expected to return on Friday and continue through next weekend.
Independence Day forecast map from weather.com