Last year, despite some issues including fudged crime stats and a jump in subway crime, New York still saw a drop in overall crime according to the NYPD. Most importantly, the number of murders continued to drop. And, if trends hold, this year promises to have even fewer murders (there have been 136 so far, 20 percent below where we were this time last year). To celebrate that news, the NYPD has sent out its annual analysis of murder victims, and once again it's an interesting read!

You can peruse the full document below—don't be scared! It has got lots of graphics!—but here are some of the facts that jumped out at us:

  • Brooklyn may be the hippest, but with 38 percent of the murders in town, it is the not the safest of boroughs

  • 9 a.m. and 6 a.m. seem to be the safest hours of day for not getting murdered. Between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.? Not so much.

  • Revenge isn't just a TV show on ABC, its also the top reason (well, "Dispute/Revenge") for murder in town at 38 percent.

  • It is still pretty dangerous to be black in New York City. Despite making up just 23 percent of the total population, 62 percent of murder victims last year were black (four percent were Asian, 8 percent were white).

  • 74 percent of murder victims last year had prior arrests and one fifth of them were on probation, parole or had a warrant for their arrest.

  • The average age for a murder victim in 2011? 33 years. The median age was 29.

  • At the same time, five percent of murder victims were between 0-15 years old, and 58 percent of those victims were under three years of age. Sigh!

  • Ladies aren't big killers, it seems. Just nine percent of the murder suspects in 2011 were women. And nearly 65 percent of those women appeared to have killed durring domestic disputes.

And now know! We've put the full report for you below—any stats in there stand out to you?