Police in New Jersey rescued over 80 cats and five dogs from an apartment in West New York, New Jersey yesterday, describing the home as a " house of horrors."

Apparently a neighbor called police to complain about the smell coming from the apartment; when police arrived, they found 80 to 82 cats and the aforementioned dogs stacked in cages inside a 9 by 9 room. An official told ABC 7 they found the animals living in "[d]eplorable conditions and the stench of death is all over the room;" a human officer told NBC New York it was the worst case of animal hoarding he'd seen in over 20 years. "That bedroom was a house of horrors," he said.

Two people, reportedly a mother and daughter, have been arrested, and a third suspect is being sought. The suspects were allegedly taking money to adopt and care for unwanted animals, though the rescued cats and dogs were "emaciated and filthy."

"I always had a smell that would come into our unit since the walls meet, but the last few days it was like something died. It was unbearable," Tanya Rodriguez, a neighbor, told ABC 7.

The animals will all be taken to shelters.