Opening a fire hydrant is a great way to lower your triple-digit body temperature, but the Department of Environmental Protection is adamant that you do it correctly—that is, with a spray cap. More than 200 reports of illegally opened fire hydrants poured in over the weekend, resulting in gallons of wasted water.

An illegally-opened hydrant, which releases 1,000 gallons of water per minute, results in lowered water pressure, which can turn deadly in the event of a fire. Furthermore, the blast from an unfiltered hydrant can be dangerous for children, potentially sending them shooting skyward on a rocket of water. A properly-capped hydrant, on the other hand, only releases around 20 to 25 gallons of water and is perfectly safe for anyone not afraid of fun.

If you've seen an open fire hydrant, you're encouraged to call 311 immediately. If you're thinking of opening a fire hydrant yourself, consider the $1,000 fine or 30 day-prison sentence you could enjoy if you're caught.