Rumors of Anthony Weiner's (political) rise are perfect for the slow summer months. So he's got millions in leftover campaign funds from his previous mayoral runs. So he's aching to run for city-wide office, like mayor or Public Advocate. Now he's got a NY Times story about his post-crotch shot chances.

Verdict is that it's doubtful he'll be able to really make a campaign last, but, the Times reports, "If nothing else, the buzz showed that Mr. Weiner was still capable of generating chatter in a mayoral field that seems to be solidifying despite its lack of star power."

The Post continues its Weiner coverage with a story about how his wife (and aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) wants him to do a tell-all Q&A:

Sources close to Huma Abedin...tell The Post she has been pushing her husband to do a single interview — as Bubba did amid the Monica Lewinsky scandal — that would be the final word on the sexting mess that ended Weiner’s career in Congress last year.

She believes it would clear the air once and for all and allow him to move forward, the sources said.

“She wants to figure out how to get all this behind them so they can get back on track, but he’s still in denial,” said a source close to Abedin.

Please, someone do that so the logline can be: Weiner, Raw, or Weiner, Up Close & Personal.