The insults keep flying in the pages of our beloved local rags in the build up to tonight's Game 1 showdown between the Yankees and "Frillies." The Post went out and interviewed "'Phil'istines" across Philly, only to come to the conclusion that, "If the Phillies are as soft as their fans, the Yankees could walk away with the Series in four with George Steinbrenner on the mound and Kate Hudson in the bullpen. These fans are softer than the bread their beloved cheesesteaks are served on."

Despite the soft underbelly of Philly fans, tickets in Philadelphia are selling for nearly $300 more than Yankee tickets on Stubhub, according to the Daily News. Some venerable institutions are nervous that Yankee Stadium could "be seeing too much Philly red tonight" as a result. Fans seemed angrier about the Post's "Frillies" cover picture of Shane Victorino with alabaster-tinted bare legs, although Ryan Howard thinks he could have pulled it off better.

Nonetheless, the expensive price of tickets hasn't stopped some hardcore fans from trying just about anything to get some. Philadelphian Susan Finkelstein, 43, was caught by police trying to exchange sexual favors for a pair of tickets on craigslist. According to the Post, she "apparently [believes] the "P" on the team's cap stands for "prostitution."'