Police are still trying to unravel the details behind the murder of a Queens couple who were shot execution-style while they were sleeping in their home early Friday morning. Police revealed that while Sugrim Jaggarnauth was shot once in the head, his wife Rosie was shot "multiple times" in the head and body by the shooter. Police are still focused on younger son Shane, who was shot in the shoulder during the home invasion: "He's shot and he doesn't know if the gunman was black or white, tall or short?" one police source asked the News.

Shane told cops that he was out walking the family's pit bull, Princess, in the middle of the night when the suspect jumped him, shot him in the shoulder, and pushed his way into the home. Investigators are wondering why Shane was walking the dog at 4 a.m., and neighbors have also called his actions into question: "I never seen anyone walking Princess. I never even seen her on a leash," said neighbor Ronald Wheatley, who lives across the street from the Springfield Gardens home. "It's weird. If the dog didn't know you, she would bark. But she never barked that night. That's the weird part. No one heard the shots and no one heard the dog," he said.

The couple's older son, who wasn't in the home at the time of the shooting, spoke to NBC about his parents murder: "Whoever did this is a ruthless person and they need to come forward. Whatever they did was wrong...I lost very good parents. People that worked hard, came from another country and made something of themselves," said Shawn Jaggarnauth.