2006_01_nixzmarybrown2.jpgThe sad story of Nixzmary Brown shows no signs of stopping - nor should it - as more and more details emerge about the circumstances of the 7 year old's death. The Administration for Children's Services caseworker assigned to Brown apparently tried to visit the home many times, only to be turned away by the parents and ended up visiting the day Brown died. ACS supervisor, Roger Moore told the Daily News that the agency was focusing on the death of Dahquay Gillians, a toddler who died at his home and whose death sparked questions about ACS. There are many questions about whether or not ACS handled complaints related to Brown correctly, given the a May 2005 complaint her school made about suspicions she was being abused at home. Today, the Daily News interviews the neighbor who saw Brown's stepfather and mother trying to save the girl - and making excuses about how she died. Brown's stepfather and mother remain in police custody for her murder.

The NY Post says Brown's family cat was better treated that she was, and an uncle of Nixzmary's tells the Post that he saw signs of abuse and should have taken more action. And did you realize that it's legal to hit your child?