2006_10_wtcremains.jpgWhile excavating a manhole, Con Ed workers found more human remains from September 11. The manhole was in the northwest corner, near where the names of victims are reading during September 11 anniversary ceremonies.

The workers had actually cleared out rubble with a vacuum pump on Wednesday and took the debris to a Con Ed operations site in Chelsea. Yesterday, a contractor noticed bones, ID cards and wallets in an underground junction box, and he called Con Ed, the NYPD and the Medical Examiner's office. This area was supposed to have been searched by the FDNY for remains earlier; while the FDNY was unable to explain why the remains hadn't been found earlier, one wonders if the thinking was a covered manhole might not hold anything. We suspect all other manholes in Ground Zero will be opened up and examined.

The ME's office will be combing through all that's been collected (less than half of the victims have been identified ). Bill Doyle, whose son Jonathan died in the North Tower's 101st floor, told the Post, "Mayor Bloomberg is in a rush to rebuild - and to hell with dead people." And the NY Times puts the identification efforts this way: "The medical examiner’s office is trying to determine whether the remains belong to victims of the World Trade Center attack." If there are non-September 11 human bones being found in a Con Ed junction box, there are still some pretty big questions.